New Year! New Intentions!

5 days in, how are we all doing?  And this new year is a little more complicated than most.  Sometimes we add more burden because we feel we 'should' do something, make some new change.....and boy, does it have to be BIG....otherwise, what's the point!

The BIG question is........has that worked for you before?....going BIG?

Working with my clients, I find the majority want to go BIG, when they embark on their journey of change.  They are convinced that this time will be different.  Only the very determined make it all the way.  But for most of us, changes work better for us when they are set as SMART goals.

SMART stands for 

Let's take an example: you want to get more movement into your might say:

So let's analyse this statement under the SMART goal structure:
SPECIFIC- can you see when you will walk, where, what about having a buddy to support you and you them?
MEASURABLE: how long will you walk? how many times a week? which days? when in the day?
ACHIEVABLE: looking at your past attempts to get moving, do you think you will get started?
REALISTIC: how realistic are you that you will walk, what is in the statement above that makes you accountable first of all, to get you out walking?
TIMELY: what is in your goal statement above that commits you to a time for your activity?

Now, let's rephrase your goal statement, taking SMART goal strategy into might say

I WILL WALK FOR 20 MINS ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY THIS WEEK WITH (buddy, having talked about mutual support)
Now let's analyse:
SPECIFIC - the activity is specified, as is the time and day, as is the support of a buddy.
MEASURABLE - you can record (I love to see a record in some form, either on a calendar/app/notebook), time for the activity is measured, giving you clarity.  Doesn't mean you have to stop at 20 mins, but you know that's what you are going to do.  You've also set 3 days for the activity.
ACHIEVABLE - you have engaged the support of your buddy, and have committed to supporting them.  This accountability helps make your goal more achievable.
REALISTIC - By choosing the 20 mins and the 3 days, you have thought about what you genuinely feel you can do, taking your motivation and daily circumstances, work, family into consideration. 
TIMELY - You have evaluated and set a time scale, both for the walk time itself, and the days you are choosing to go walking. You have also set the goal for a short time span of a week.  Next week, modifications to goal, based on your achievements this week.
You've taken out the BIG goal, taken away the overwhelm that sabotages your efforts.  

So now you are set, have the runners ready, and don't procrastinate!  

Rarely do we come back from a physical activity of any kind feeling worse rather than better!