Clare is a fully certified Nutritional Therapist, DipNT & Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.

Clare currently works at The Willow Rooms, Skerries, and covers the North Co. Dublin region. She also works remotely, using online platforms such as Skype and Zoom, which facilitates clients who may not always be able to attend clinic. 

Clare brings with her extensive negotiating and coaching skills through her career as a teacher (in both the classroom setting as well as special education needs setting), to support you on your health journey.

Clare is also a trained facilitator in wellbeing and resilience for children.

Clare is passionate about empowering clients to discover long-lasting solutions, through small, manageable, achievable steps, to create and sustain a long-lasting positive change in their life and health, through nutrition, movement and positive attitude, to bring
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Greater clarity around your goals
  • Success in achieving those goals

By working on a one-to-one basis, Clare evaluates the client’s individual health journey to develop a personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan for each client.


Clare is a certified DNALife Genetics Testing Practitioner, enabling her to work with you in complex health presentations. Her continuous professional development ensures she is up to date with the latest research in the importance and benefits of nutrition as part of a client’s overall personal health.

Nutrition with Clare services include:

  • One-to-one consultations
  • Group programmes – working (with 6-8) on health concerns, incorporating the benefits of group dynamics and support.
  • Group and corporate talks on implementing health improvements through Nutrition and Lifestyle actions.
  • Workshops in ‘Fermented Foods for Digestive Health’